February 28, 2012 - Day of Remembering of the Armenian victims of the massacres in Sumgait
6:55, 28-02-2012

In 1988, three days in a row - from February 26 till February 28, the Armenian population of the Azerbaijani city of Sumgait was subject of inhuman atrocities. The crimes, committed thereand in Kirovabad, Kazakh, Dashgestan, Mingechaura, Baku and other places populated with Armenians, are still not recognized by the world as a genocide. This attempt for ethnic purging, lead to the death of hundreds of people and endless streams of refugees. Tens of thousands were left without a shelter and belongings and were forced to look for survival in Armenia and Karabakh. Until this very day it is not possible to estimate the exact number of the Armenians killed. There is no even slightest doubt that everything was meticulously planned and organized by the Azeris.

24 years passed since those tragic days. February 28th was announced the Day of Remembering of the Armenian victims of the massacres in Sumgait, Baku and many other places in Azerbaidjan.

On February 28, 2012 year the Ambassador of Republic of Armenia in Republic of Bulgaria, His Excellency Arsen Shoyan, the Vicar General of the Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Bulgaria, Archbishop Abgar Ovagimian, the spiritual leader of Sofia Armenians priest Kusan Hadavian and local Armenians got together at the Hachkar in Erevan garden in Sofiato pay tribute to the innocent victims of that aggressive and violent act. The people present, silently laid their wreath and flowers. His Excellency Arsen Shoyan laid a wreath and paid his respects to his killed compatriots. A wreath was also laid on behalf of AGBU Parekordzagan Sofia.

After the worship at the Stone Cross (Khachkar) the group headed to the Armenian Church "Surp Astvadzadzin", where Archbishop Abgar Ovagimian, together with priest Kusan Hadavian held a memorial service. In his short speech, the Vicar General reminded the tragic events that happened 24 years ago and emphasized that the Armenians around the world will always remember the shameful and inhuman offence on our compatriots and that even nowadays the refugees from Azerbaijan go through hard times away from home, forcefully exiled and found salvation in Armenia and Karabakh.

After the memorial service, in the caf? of the Armenian Peoples House, Shaghig Matevossian (Chairlady of AYA at AGBU Parekordzagan-Sofia) reminded to the audience the horrifying moments, experienced by the Armenians in Sumgait, explained about the reasons that had led to that outrage and emphasized the fact that this criminal act, committed by the brutal azeri mobs has still not received adequate assessment of the international community. After that, the audience was presented two poems by the famous Armenian masters of the pen. Garine Kevorkian presented the poem Menk by Kevork Emin. Priest Kusan recited the unpublished poem by Rupen Sevak Zadig. Both poems were performed with impressive artistic mastery that really touched.

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