June 9, 2012 - AGBU members and AYA joined the trip to Klisura Monastery organized by IOM Bulgaria
9:20, 09-06-2012

IOM Bulgaria, together with AGBU Sofia's office manager and IOM coordinator Seta Zadikian and other coordinators from different ethnic groups organized a trip to Klisura Monastery. There were people from Armenia, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Russia, Lebanon, etc.All the visitors had the chance to hear the story of the one of the oldest Monasteries in Bulgaria from the monk.There everyone enjoyed the beautiful sites at the Monastery.
All the people visited the historical museum, the church and the art school where they had the chance to learn how the icons are painted by the nuns in the Monastery.

There was a wonderful lunch organized at one of the authentic restaurants in Berkovitsa.The group als visited the Ethnographic museum in Berkovitsa and the house-museum where one of the Bulgaria's most famous poet and writer- Ivan Vazov, lived.

The buses arrived at Sofia during the late afternoon and everyone left so happy, excited and full of wonderful memories, enjoying the sunny Saturday with the other people.The group thanked to the organizers and expressed their wish to get together often in the future, as these kind of events get more closeand more close people from different ethnic groups living in Bulgaria.

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