June 30, 2012 - milticultural event organized by IOM Bulgaria

AGBU - Sofia took part in the last multicultural event, organized by IOM Bulgaria on June 30, 2012 at Culture Beat Bar.On this event all the coordinators from different ethnic groups showed the audience their traditional kitchen and after that every ethnic group performed their own traditional dances, songs etc. AGBU - Sofia Dance Group "NUR" took part in the concert,together with Artur Nadosyan, famous Armenian singer, Verjinia Jamgochian and Veselian Kurtian, both members of the Dance Group NUR. The three of them performed Bulgarian and Armenian songs.

The coordinator of the Armenian group - Seta Zadikian, together with Mrs. Sonia Avakian-Bedrossian, chairlady of AGBU Sofia, Mrs. Garine Kevorkian, Shaghik Matevossian and other members of AGBU - Sofia did their best for the excellent presentation of the Armenian kitchen, cooking typical Armenian dishes.

It was a wonderful evening, the atmosphere was full of different kind of music, songs - Armenian, Russian, Afghanistanian, Tunisian, African, Lebanese, Vietnamese etc.

One of the special guests was The Holy Reverend Father Abgar Ovakimian, who was presented to the organizers on that evening and was acquainted with their benefical activity in Bulgaria.

Everyone left that evening with a wonderful feeling towards one another and wished to had more multicultural events in the future, when people from diffreent ethnic groups can come together, learn about each other, share their culture and traditions and spend a great time together.

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