March 15, 2013 - Armenian literature and poetry dedicated evenings at AGBU Sofia
9:34, 15-03-2013

Literature evenings held at AGBU-Sofia office have become a beautiful tradition.

Since end of 2012 each 15th of month a literature evening is organized dedicated to Armenian great poets live and work. AGBU Ladies presented Baruir Sevag, Hovhannes Shiraz and Hovannes Tumanians life and poetry. Karine Gevorkyan, Shaghig Matevossyan, Hripsime Pachadjian, Narine Voskanian and Sona Minasian presented our great poets life and poems with much love while Narine Vardanyan accompanied with viol performances of Gomidas Vartabed compositions etc..

The poetry evenings and the beautiful atmosphere during those lovely gatherings will continue in order to present other famous Armenian poets.

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