April 12, 2013 - “Dorians” band will participate in Evrovision Song Contest in May, 2013
3:52, 12-04-2013

Fans of the annual Eurovision Song Contest have already marked their calendars for the 58th Eurovision event that this year will take place in Malmo, Sweden, between 14th and 18th of May. Fans of Armenian rock, we have got some great news for you: at “Eurovision-2013”, Armenia will be represented by the rock band Dorians, with their “Lonely Planet”, written by Tony Iommi, the guitarist of Black Sabbath. Before indulging into the soothing melody of the “Lonely Planet”, read our insights from Dorians and their young and talented vocalist, Gor Sujyan.

“Born a Musician” was not the case for Gor. He never planned on becoming a musician whatsoever. His preferences laid in Economics and Programming – nowhere close to music.    However, “everything got messed up”, according to Gor. The first time he heard Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”, he made his decision: the song became Gor’s “stairway” to a successful music career. Never having any musical education, he recorded outstanding achievement in the music industry, forming the now-well-known Dorians, together with his friends; Edgar Sahakyan (bass), Gagas (lead guitar), Arman Pahlevanyan (keyboards) and Arman Jalalyan (drums/percussion).

The world-famous Led Zeppelin had its influence not only on Gor, but also on the whole band. First formed in 2008 and named Gor and Friends, the band performed covers of the legendary LZ. The band gained an instant popularity among the rock-lovers of Armenia. However, they did not stop there. In less than a year, the band went through some major rearrangements: Gor and Friends was renamed to Dorians. In the line with covers, the band began producing their own songs, first in English, and then in Armenian. “Yes Kulam (I’m Crying)” was their first song in Armenian: the audience loved it! The song is about love, but, as Gor puts it, “It’s about a greater love”. Throughout the few years of existence, the band was awarded “Best Rock Group of the Year”, “Best Video of the Year”, “Rock Number One” and numerous other titles. In December of 2011, the band presented its first studio album, Fly, which featured famous songs like “Fly”, “You and Me”, “Life is Really Beautiful”, “Brave”.

The band performed on the same stage with rock legends Serj Tankian (System of a Down), Derek Sherinian and Glenn Hughes.

The theme of this year’s Eurovision is “We are One”, so to emphasize the equality of all the participating countries. Dorians will perform on the second semi-final, taking place on 16th of May. Thus, let’s keep our fingers crossed and cell phones ready to vote for the ever-so promising Dorians.


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