September 8, 2013 - AGBU Sofia took part in the culinary festival "Motley table"
6:24, 08-09-2013

National Culinary Festival "Motley table visited my city" was held for the fifth year  in Sofia  on the  8th of September at 10.30 AM. The only one traveling festival with traditional Bulgarian dishes , was organized by the Association of  Development of Arts and Crafts masters. Famous cooks, celebrities, artisans and folk artists gathered at the Sofia Central Park .  The " Motley table " team had prepared  many surprises for the guests and demonstrated Bulgarian dishes made by the professional kitchen boss Penyo Ivanov. The  well known magician Astor took part for  the second consecutive year, as well.

During this year's festival, AGBU Sofia /Parekordzagan/ organization was invited as a special guest to present traditional Armenian dishes. The AGBU Sofia members prepared and presented traditional Armenian dishes that impressed not only the jury, but also all the guests, all of which we might judge by the speed with which the table with tasty Armenian foods was completely emptied. Thanks to the interesting combination of products: the traditional Armenian rice with grapes  was highly appreciated and won one of the first prizes . The other big prize was reserved for meatless dishes -  "Pasuts stuffed cabbage”.

The AGBU /Parekordzagan/ Sofia organization was granted with two of the first prizes in the categories  "Authentic recipe "and “Taste " and three encouraging  awards for the  Armenian sweet cake " Gatta " and stuffed  grape leaves with meet and rice.

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