November 13, 2013 - AGBU Sofia's grandmothers honor a Good Deed Day!
3:10, 13-11-2013

The AGBU Sofia Center was crowded on Wednesday, 13 November 2013, where there were many special ladies gathered on the occasion of the Good Deed Day honoring three grandmothers Alice, Olia and Garine for their devotion to their families and serving their community each in her special way. The honored ladies expressed their joy and thankfulness and decorated the table with Armenian delicacies that they had prepared themselves for the occasion of the birth of two newborn babies Karina and Harry, welcoming their grandchildren and sharing their happiness with their friends at AGBU Sofia. Mrs. Sonia Avakian Bedrossian, the chairlady of AGBU Sofia District graciously welcomed all present and greeted the honorees with beautiful words and red roses and the newborns fluffy teddy bears to help them sleep comfortably wishing them a happy and healthy life. All present joined Mrs. Sonia in wishing little Karina and Harry the best and presenting gifts for each. This happy gathering lasted for long hours of sharing delicacies, interesting new ideas for future gatherings and all parted with a heart full of joy, especially the honored grandmothers expressing their gratitude for this unique gesture from the AGBU Sofia family to share their joy.

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