October 11, 2014 - "Ararat and the surrounding area of lake Van" by Arno Kuiumdjian
8:02, 11-10-2014

In the late afternoon of 11.10.2014, at the Armenian House Hall of in the capital, Young Professionals, members and supporters of the AGBU / Parekordzagan - Sofia had the opportunity to enjoy the interesting explanations and photos presented by Arno Kuyoumdjyan, a member of the Board of AGBU - Sofia of Ararat and the surrounding area of lake Van. Arno and a group of friends climbed to the top of Ararat. and on the 15/08/2014, the day of the Virgin Mary, the flag that the organization was prepared on this occasion, proudly waved over Ararat. This exciting and friendly meeting was attended by our special guest from Lebanon, the journalist and writer Hagop Duniayan. The evening continued in a friendly and pleasant athmosphere at restaurant "Ararat." in Sofia. ABRIS Arno! Thank you! Dear Friends, hope we meet you again.
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