March 22, 2016 Gronika Kavafyan Exhibition
4:00, 22-03-2016

So, the wonderful exhibition of the Armenian painter Gronika Kavafyan was held with good mood and a lot of smiles.She says: The oil paints gave me a freedom, strength and wish for manifestation, the canvases changed their size and themes one after the other. This increased my wish to draw more and more. While travelling during the last two years, my consciousness drew different ideas and my inspiration didnt stop to increase. For quite a short period, a lot of canvases came true. My female nature gave me a clue about the everlasting theme the woman and her image as an icon, muse and inspiration. The next exhibition will be in my hometown Varna.

Gronika showed her canvases, which attracted the audiences attention through the free spirit of thought and sense for skillful color matching.On March 22, 2016 with the support of AGBU Sofia, the splendid Gronika Kavafyan presented for a first time her debut exhibtition F2 (Female & Fauna) art puieces arranged and offered to the attention of the art connoisseurs at Hotel Arena di Serdica Residence Hotel at the incredible place known as Serdika Amphitheatre.

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