July 21, 2016 - Meeting of AGBU Sofia Ladies
11:16, 21-07-2016

The meetings with interesting topics and aims of the women around the round table of AGBU Sofia's office turned into a positive tradition. This time, Mrs. Karina Kevorkyan - initiator of the meeting, greeted the present ladies and the special guests: Mrs. Nely Matevossian - counselor at the Embassy of Rep. of Armenia; Mrs. Snezhana Todorova - journalist and chairperson of the Bulgarian Journalists Union; Ekaterina Pavlova - journalist and head editor of "Diplomatic Spectre" magazine. Mrs. Kevorkyan noted that each one of these ladies is exceptional and also a carrier of various talents and possibilities.

Karina Kevorkyan had prepared a special surprise for Mrs. Pachadzhyan. She had arranged the laces that Mrs. Pachadzhyan had been keeping through the years into a beautiful frame. These laces had been made by hand by Mrs. Pachadzhyan's mother and grandmother. The more important was that neither lace was similar to the other. This idea was so adored by the present that they also took the decision to present the laces each one of these Armenian ladies had in their families and to comment the testament that these laces transmit, with unique and impressing style, to the young generation this way.

The ladies remained highly impressed and pleasant and wished to meet new interesting ideas and skills about the Armenian identity, life and culture on the next meeting.

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