July 22, 2016 - Meeting of YP-Plovdiv and AGBU-Sofia with the senior leadership of EGAM at the AGBU Sofia office
10:01, 22-07-2016

On Friday July 22, YP-Plovdiv and AGBU-Sofia had a meeting at the AGBU Sofia office with the senior leadership of EGAM (The European Grassroots Antiracist Movement) founded in 2010 in Paris, France. EGAM is a partner organization of AGBU and is the main organizer of the annual European delegations in Istanbul, Turkey in dedication to the commemorations of the Armenian Genocide. Benjamin Abtan the President of the organization, Paul Morin (Senior Director), Christopher Metz (Project Manager) and Liane Chancerelle (Director) were all present at the AGBU gathering. EGAM is in Bulgaria from July 21 to July 25 organizing a conference in regards to Roma Pride together with the prominent organizations of Bulgarian Helsisnki Committee and Center Amalipe. At the AGBU-Sofia office the chairlady of AGBU-Sofia, Mrs. Sonia Avakian-Bedrosian, AGBU-Europe board member, Haik Garabedian and YP representatives welcomed the EGAM led delegation. Mrs. Avakian-Bedrosian made a short introduction to the mission of AGBU and presented some of the past activities of AGBU-Sofia. She expressed her deepest regards to EGAM for what they are doing for the recognition of the Genocide and said that the doors of AGBU-Sofia will be always wide open for our friends from Paris. Haik Garabedian outlined his past experiences in the last few years as a member of the EGAM led delegations in Turkey. Benjamin Abtan thanked the hosts for the warm welcoming and stated that there is solid friendship between EGAM and AGBU, which he hopes to continue in the long-run. Mr. Abtan also expressed his satisfaction from the high level of professionalism of the AGBU-Europe management body in the face of its director, Mr. Nicolas Tavitian. Additionally, the guest reported that he believes that the newly appointed president of AGBU-Europe, Ms. Nadia Gortzounian will add great value to AGBU and to the connecting bone of EGAM and AGBU as well. Following the office encounter, everyone went together to a friendly dinner, which lasted for several hours.

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