March 23, 2019 - A concert with the participation the world-famous pianist Sofia Melikyan, Ruzanna Tashdjian and Alexander B?tter
3:28, 23-03-2019

On March 23rd a beautiful piano concert was held at the Krikor Azarian Hall at the Armenian House.Arno Kuiumdjian /AGBU Sofia Chairperson/ kindly welcomed the public and presented the guests soloists:
- Alexander B?tter, piano player, student of Ruzanna Tashdjian.
- Ruzanna Tashdjian pianist and teacher (Armenia), living since 10 years in Bulgaria.
- Sofia Melikian, world famous pianist (Armenia) living in France, guest of the 22 International Piano Music Festival "PIANISSIMO 2019" held in Bulgaria and guest of AGBU Sofia.

The concert started with the performances of Alexander B?tter, "Elegy" by Rachmaninov and Chopin's "Revolutionary" etude.
The sadness and tenderness of "Elegy" was replaced by the powerful and stunning stunts of the revolutionary spirit of the second work, which Ruzanna Tashdjian, began with lightness and grace and fulfilled with the wonderful "Walls" of Chopin, which was followed by "Dance of the Sassuntsi" by Alexander Harutunyan, which through the strict rhythm of Armenian dance and the beauty of the melody made the audience feel the strong spirit of the Armenians.

Our special guest, Sofya Melikyan performed the "5 Armenian Bareliefs" by Gehuni Chitchian with her great talent and presented the works filled with different emotions, from tenderness to a stormy splash and sounded very original and deep.

The concert ended with long applauses and good wishes from the audience requesting to have more similar musical meetings.
The Honorary Chairperson of AGBU Sofia Mrs. Sonia Avakian - Bedrossian, upon whose idea and initiative was created the AGBU SOFIA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA" in 2006 , addressed to the audience and announced that this concert was the first concert, from the series of concerts which will allow young music talents from Bulgaria to be presented. As a tradition, at the end of each year a jury will choose and announce the winner - carrier of an annual award, named Bedros Papazyan, upon the name of Maestro Bedros Papazyan, long years respected and loved by all conductor of AGBU SOFIA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA". Special thanks to dear soloists and Sofia Melikyan for honoring the memory of Maestro Bedros Papazyan in such a beautiful way!

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