November 7, 2020 - Evening of the Armenian Literature

Apr 12, 2021

On November 7th we realized the event Night of the Armenian Literature with the purpose to gather donations for Armenia in these hard times. It was supposed to take place in the Literature Club “Peroto” in the National Palace of Culture in Sofia but we were forced to take other actions because of the complicated situation with the Coronavirus. This is why the event took place online on Facebook and it reached more than 400 people including people living outside Bulgaria.

The participants were Haygashod Agasyan (Bulgarian singer and composer from Armenian descent), Svetlozar Zhelev (a Bulgarian editor, writer and director of the National Book Centre), Velizar Agopyan (the chairman of AGBU Sofia) and Soni Bohosyan (a young member of AGBU Sofia who actually organized the event).

The authors that we represented were Narine Abgaryan with The people who are always with me, Sevda Sevan with Rodosto, Rodosto and we couldn’t imagine such an event without the poem “Armenians” by the Bulgarian poet Peyo Yavorov, so we included “Armenians” as well. Especially for this event Prof. Amelia Licheva (a Bulgarian literary critic and poet) wrote an analysis of “Armenians” that we also presented.

The participants surprised the public with stories they shared about the authors or about the Armenian history.

We got a lot of congratulations about the event and now we know for sure that it won’t be the last one.

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