January 23, 2020 - Board meeting at AGBU Sofia – election of a new chairperson and a new board

Apr 12, 2021

On 23rd of January 2020, a decision for a new chairman of the organization at the regular Board meeting of the Armenian General Benevolent Union Parekordzagan Sofia (AGBU Sofia) was made.The current chairman, Mr. Arno Kuyumdjian, has been replaced by Mr. Velizar Agopyan after a vote by the members of the Board, where the new nomination was unanimously adopted.

The decision is in force and duly reflected in the Commercial Register of Republic of Bulgaria.

Velizar Agopyan became a part of the Armenian General Benevolent Union Sofia in 2012, when he participated in the table tennis competitions and won 3 medals at the World Armenian Games, organized by AGBU Sofia. This was followed by several years of active work as a regular member, where he took an active part in the activities of the organization, supported the organization of concerts and the creation of a new site of the AGBU Sofia Chamber Orchestra, participated in the international leadership seminar GORIZ in Georgia, as a part of the organizational team, communicated with foreign guests of the organization, assisted in organizing and conducting part of the events of AGBU Sofia. His accomplishments in AGBU Sofia also include a translation into Bulgarian of the book by Rafi Yuredjiyan - A Tour of Armenia.

After several years he was invited to be part of the Board of Directors, where he continued to work actively for the successful realization of the activities of the organization, and in 2020 - proposed and elected as a chairman.

In his life outside the organization, Mr. Agopyan is happily married, has two children - Garen and Lilit, manages several separate businesses, consults private companies and entrepreneurs in the economic spheres of competence and experience he has accumulated over the years.

Mr. Agopyan shares: "For me, it is a great honor and recognition for the work that has been done over the years. Everyone's life is filled with challenges and the power to find time and will for additional activity, even more - a charitable one, stands you out from the crowd, but the important thing is that it charges you with energy for more and more noble deeds. Everybody knows a lot about the Armenian ethnicity and everyone speaks kindly when it comes to Armenians, but our goal is to make the wealth of Armenian culture, traditions, language and customs more accessible to the general public. With great gratitude to the previous chairpersons, Mrs. Sonia Avakian-Bedrossian and Mr. Arno Kuyumdjian, I accept this responsibility and set myself a priority - children and young people of Armenian origin or with an interest in Armenian culture."

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