September 22, 2019 - Concert of AGBU SOFIA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA, dedicated to the Independance Day of R. Armenia and R. Bulgaria

Aug 19, 2021

AGBU Sofia presented a concert dedicated to the Independence Day of R. Armenia and R. Bulgaria.

By happy coincidence of circumstances, festive Day of Independence of Bulgaria coincided with the opening of the autumn season of AGBU CHAMBER ORCHESTRA SOFIA. Only one day before that Armenia also celebrated its national Day of Independence. The two occasions have been honored again by the presence of the honorary patron of the orchestra – his Excellency Ambassador of Armenia in Bulgaria, who heartily greeted the audience in the hall and pointed out that the relations between the two countries are in a great uplift as particularly important is the cooperation in the field of cultural exchange .

AGBU CHAMBER ORCHESTRA SOFIA was presented and conducted by Maestro Levon Manukyan, who performed various pieces in different style and expression. The concert was open with a new inter- pretation of the famous Armenian composer Komitas, whose 150-th anniversary of birth is celebrated in 2019. The play was composed of two beautiful songs of the remarkable artist and contained elements of the typical song and dance style of the Armenian National music. The significant difference in the program was made by the submitted Concerto for piano and orchestra by Mozart – a known and appre- ciated piece, often performed and always fascinating with the typical Mozart melodies and vitality. To a very great extent the contribution to this wonderful impression was made by the soloist-pianist Sarkis Zakaran. He is well known to our audience, because this is the fourth time when he performs solo while being accompanied by AGBU CHAMBER ORCHESTRA SOFIA. The talented Bulgarian artist of Armenian origin develops an impressive career in England and across Europe. His style of interpre- tation is distinguished by elegance, fine technique and ability to keep a very exquisite melodic line. All this he managed to show in a very confident and inspiring way when delivering the Mozart concert. As a compliment to the audience Sarkis Zakaran played a small thumbnail of Komitas that as he said “says a lot with a few tons”.

One more new experience was prepared for our guests after the elegance of Mozart turbulent passion and it was the rhythm of Argentine tango. Accompanied by rhythmic applause, Stoyan Karaivanov appeared on the stage with the instruments bayan and bandoneon. The young Bulgarian boldly experi- mented with the features of those not so familiar to us music instruments. Series of known and beloved tangos of Astor followed such as Piazzolla – “Libertango”, “Adios Nonino” and others. The concert ended with the famous Komparsita. Stoyan Karaivanov demonstrated impressive technique musicality and passion in the interpretation of the world famous works of Piazzolla, combined with an attractive behavior on the stage. As an encore call there were performed several popular melodies in a bold and interesting combination that was highly appreciated by the concert audience.

In addition to this, it should be necessarily mentioned that the role of the Orchestra was considered as a wonderful partner, stylistically interpreting this so diverse music in both perspectives as an ensemble as well as with outstanding solos of Annie Ivanova and Kiril Matanov. All artists contributed significantly to the festive mood, supported by great music at the Day of Independence.

Tzanka Filipova