November 1, 2019 - Concert of “AGBU SOFIA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA” – “Autumn magic”

Aug 19, 2021

A cool autumn evening, a welcoming atmosphere among the paintings of the City Art Gallery and a lively musical experience. This is what AGBU SOFIA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA offered to its listeners with a conductor Levon Manukyan and soloist of Armenia Elena Erevan.

The concert began with a special introduction for Bulgaria, First part of the instrumental performance was the “Quartet” piece, dedicated to the Armenian people, which sound is caught much of characteristic intonations, typical for the Armenian music. The Orchestra, showed great sound and interpretational skills as usual. The soloist of the concert Elena Yerevan, young singer and guitarist has already built quite an impressive CV with solid musical education, active concert activity in various countries, ownership of a channel on You Tube and a recorded Compact disc. The young lady said, that she visits Bulgaria for the first time and is very excited about the opportunity to sing in front of our audience. 

The impression, that Elena made at the beginning was associated with very relaxed and charming de- meanor on stage, which immediately shorten the distance between her and the audience. Her perfor- mance began with “Volare” lovely and fascinating Italian song, with which Elena immediately won the audience. There were few songs performed together with the orchestra, as the focus was on the original tunes of the great Charles Aznavour, arranged in accompaniment of the orchestra. Everybody knows that Aznavour is one of the most emblematic Armenian names in the field of entertainment. Through the performance of is iconic songs Elena Yerevan demonstrated her wonderful voice capabil- ities as well as her strong presence on the stage while being accompanies by her guitar. AGBU SOFIA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA has also another individual performance of the magnificent Ave Maria by Charles Aznavour, an early reference to the upcoming holidays. The final song of Helena with the orchestra was”La boheme” – one of the masterpieces of Aznavour, performed by the inspired musicians. The subsequent part of the concert was a colorful palette of Spanish, Russian and Armenian songs, which supported Elena Yerevan accompanied by her guitar, piano and percussion instruments to raise the final emotional strength in the concert hall.

Until the end the audience stayed blinded by the magic of Elena and her songs and rewarded her with stormy applauses as a result.

Tzanka Filipova