November 29, 2019 - AGBU Sofia and Restaurant Faborge organized a Chariatable Gala Dinner

Aug 19, 2021

On 29 of November 2019 the AGBU Sofia Parekordzagan and Restaurant Faborge had the honor to organize and host a Charitable Gala dinner. The fund raising at the event is intended to support the children of the Sunday school AGBU HayLer in their dream to visit Armenia. The school has started 6 years ago and today it has 20 students in different ages, all from Armenian ethnicity, who study Ar- menian language, dances, music and art. The main target of the Sunday school is to teach Armenian language and to preserve and develop the Armenian spirit, culture and traditions. In the beautiful

and Christmas environment of the restaurant, Mr. Arno Kuiumdjian, Chairman of the AGBU Sofia, welcomed the guests and expressed gratitude for being part of this charitable event.

Special guests of the evening were Mrs. Reneta Indzhova (former PM of the Republic of Bulgaria), Her Majesty Astari Rasjid (Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in the Republic of Bulgaria), Mrs. Sne- zhana Todorova (Director of the Bulgarian Journalists Union), Father Dionysius, the honored friends and contributors of AGBU Sofia – the Meziad family (MATSTAR), the family of Vasken Kalendzhiyan (Dodis International), MR. Nabi Masoumi (Iranian businessman and specialist in Persian language) and others. With the kind assistance of Mrs. Christina Tepkian (FABORGE) the charity dinner turned into a fairy tale.

Our special guests from Armenia – the charming Hasmik Harutunyan – the best young opera per- former in Armenia and Eteri Hovhannisyan – spectacular canon player and having an angel voice, ful- filled the hall and got the attention of the guests with their rich repertoire and their wonderful perfor- mances of world classics and Armenian music and songs and managed to bring guests into the magical and beautiful world of music!

With a very good mood, delicious food and a friendly atmosphere, the evening passed without no- tice. With thanks and gratitude, we thank our friend Marie Kanalyan, photographer for the wonderful photos she provided to us.

The Armenian General Benevolent Union “Parekordzagan” AGBU Sofia expresses its special thanks to all the donors who have participated in the donation campaign to fulfill the childhood dream of the little HayLers!

We thank the charming Mrs. Sonia Avakyan-Bedrosyan, Honorary Chairрerson of AGBU Sofia, Gron- ika Kavafyan and Lusia Medzikian for the wonderful gala evening, which they organized and contrib- uted to the good mood of the guests on the eve of the New Year holidays, which are to come and for their personal contribution in keeping the Armenian spirit in the community!

Special thanks to Angela Medzikian, AGBU member and photographer at AGBU Sofia, for the won- derful pictures of the evening.

Dear members and friends! AGBU Sofia wishes you happy holidays!