December 1, 2019 - Concert of “AGBU SOFIA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA” – “ALL IS MUSIC”

Aug 19, 2021

On the first day of the last month from the year the City Art Gallery in Sofia hosted again the concert of the AGBU SOFIA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA, conducted by Levon Manukyan with soloists – the already well-known from the Bulgarian audience – the singer Hasmik Harutunyan and the canon-player Eteri Hovanesyan.

In the concert program were many plays from different music styles, including world classics as well as 126 many performances from Armenian authors from different generations.

The first plays were the introduction to the expected from everyone holidays – four different interpretations of Ave Maria from Mascani, Shubert, Kaccini (greatly interpreted by the Orchestra with expressional violin solos) and the modern version of Charles Aznavour. The first three were performed by the opera singer Hasmik Harutunyan who charmed with her flexible and sensible voice and the attitude towards the detailed phrasing. In contrast with her dream-like personality of the first plays was the appearance of the other soloist – Eteri Hovanesyan. Thanks to her our audience got already familiar with the expressional possibilities of the instrument canon – specific way of getting a sound, masterly technique and surprisingly subtle nuance. The plays of Hovanisyan and Avetisyan sounded in a fast pace under the fingers of Eteri, supported in harmony by the Orchestra. The chamber ensemble was impressive in the performance of Libertango by Piezolla as well. Hasmik and Eteri during their next plays on the stage presented to the audience several of the most iconic and favorite Armenian songs and plays (Lele Yaman, Krunk, Antuni and others), where the both young performers presented great feeling and expression of the music and perfect familiarity with the Armenian national melody and emotion.

The end of the holiday program was unconventional – the stage was filled with the children of the Armenian school “HayLer”. Along with the professional musicians they delighted the audience with the performance of three songs, where on of them for the first time with an orchestra. The concert was a great prelude to the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays and powered the audience with positive attitude towards music.

Thanks for the photos of thе photographer Angela Medzikian.

Tzanka Filipova