December 16, 2019 - Christmas gathering of the board and friends of AGBU Sofia

Aug 19, 2021

In the end оf the year, АGBU Sofia Board gathered at the organisation’s office. Dear friends joined the happy event and all the present had a friendly toast with Arno Kuiumdjian, AGBU Sofia Chairperson, who expressed his best wishes to all of us. The Board members and YP’s had the opportunity to meet our special guest, former prime minister of Bulgaria Reneta Indjova and Arman Atoyan, a young Armenian from Armenia, a CEO of Digital and X-TECH Cgny, who had the opportunity to visit us and explained that everything is possible with the latest discoveries in technology. All present enjoyed the happy atmosphere of the gathering and the pleasant evening ended by tasting the armenian way prepared different home made pastries and desserts. We even enjoyed the presence of digital Einstein and Sayat Nova .

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to all!