September 19, 2021 - First Concert of the Autumn Cycle, Eighteenth Season 2021-2022 of AGBU SCO: Heavenly Consonances

Sep 19, 2021

Since several years already, the first autumn concert of the AGBU Sofia Chamber Orchestra has been associated with the celebration of the Independence Day of Armenia and Bulgaria /September 21 and 22 respectively/. This tradition was preserved and followed again by the chamber orchestra, led by its conductor Levon Manukyan, that performed an exciting musical experience for its audience. The sophisticated atmosphere of the Central Military Club further contributed to the festive atmosphere. The whole program was based on extremely popular and beloved arias, canzonettes and songs, which Levon Manukyan had arranged for the concert exclusively.     

Of course, the main focus was on the two soloists - soprano Hasmik Harutyunyan from Armenia and Bulgarian tenor Ivaylo Mihailov. The young Armenian singer has become an honored and most welcomed guest soloist by the orchestra and the audience, thanks to her remarkable vocal qualities and charm, which impresses everyone during each of her performances. At this concert, her presence was especially important due to the fact, that she is the one who personally went through and experienced the horrors of the insane aggression against Armenia a year ago.  The first performance of Hasmik-Adagio by Albinoni It was in memory of the victims of this difficult period for all Armenians. In this well-known and strong music the singer and the orchestra brought their very deep emotions.

Then the other soloist-tenor Ivaylo Mihailov appeared on the stage. This was his debut as a guest of AGBU Sofia Chamber Orchestra , but beside this, he already has developed solid career, including a wide repertoire and many prestigious performances in our country and participation in various international music projects. The joint performance of the two singers on the unforgettable theme of The Godfather raised the emotions on a higher level. And this tendency continued until the end of the concert! Number of duets and solo performances, which became a favorite of the audience around the world followed. There Hasmik managed to captivate and impress with her gentle voice timbre, exquisite phrasing and femininity, and Ivaylo contrasted with the power of his voice, while demosntrating both musicality and masterful interpretation.   

And as usual, the impression would not have been complete without the wonderful partnership of AGBU Sofia Chamber Orchestra . The musicians, led by their conductor Levon Manukyan, created a wonderful sound and emotional atmosphere for their two soloists. 

In the end, everyone demonstrated a gesture of respect and reverence for the incredible strength of the Armenian spirit, which helped to overcome so many difficulties and troubles with the song-anthem Erevan Erebuni, with soloist Hasmik Harutyunyan.  

When the end was announced, the audience persistently demanded more and all together performed the famous Toast again, which then properly put the end to this wonderful and so emotional concert!


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