December 22, 2020 - “We are Armenia”: concert of AGBU Sofia Chamber Orchestra

Dec 20, 2020

At the end of this difficult and tense year for the world, AGBU Sofia Chamber Orchestra managed to realize its last music project for this season. With this, in fact, the orchestra, its conductor Levon Manukyan and the organizing team delivered their Christmas present to the audience with a very clear message - the power of youth and talent can overcome even the most difficult trials in people's lives. The idea of this online concert was to connect the soloists by means of modern technologies.

Performance by young Armenian musicians accompanied by their experienced colleagues from the chamber orchestra. The soloists were about a dozen young, inspired singers and instrumentalists, some of whom live in Armenia and others in Western Europe. Some of them have already visited the Bulgarian audience and are already her favorites. All of them demonstrated different aspects of their musical talent, equally convincing and with a serious intention for a future career. We saw young people with wonderful instrumental qualities, impressive voices, emotional presence and canon. Singing voices also stood out in style and timbre. Strong personalities united by the idea of national identity. The works that were performed were also quite different, but in three main lines. One - a deeply emotional and influential reference to the authentic Armenian sound, the other, a vocal line - adaptations of Charles's French chanson Aznavour and finally, in tune with the upcoming holidays, the third - cheerful modern Christmas songs. This wonderful combination was convincingly presented by all individual performers and supported by the high professionalism of AGBU Sofia Chamber Orchestra with conductor Levon Manukyan . The concert was a proof that neither space nor difficult times can be an obstacle for young talents to create and bring joy to people. This is the Hope for the world! And let us with this hope welcome the bright holidays and humbly pray for a better future for all of us!

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