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September 22, 2020 -“The Magic of music”: concert of AGBU Sofia Chamber Orchestra

Apr 12, 2021

Traditionally for several years now, Armenia and Bulgaria have been celebrating their Independence Day (September 21 and 22 respectively) with a festive concert, conducted by the AGBU Chamber Orchestra Sofia. The host of the music event this year was the beautiful hall at 5 Oborishte Street. The honorary patron of the orchestra - His Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia was among the guests tonight. Ambassador Edigaryan opened the concert with a short speech, emphasizing on the role of AGBU Sofia in promoting and developing Armenian traditions and cultural achievements. In sync with the friendly relations between the two peoples was the presence of the soloists - Donka Angucheva / Bulgaria / and Nare Argamanyan / Armenia /.

The young, charming pianists actually come from Austria, where they developed their careers and have formed a wonderful piano duo which they performed with rich repertoire. They presented part of it in collaboration with AGBU Chamber Orchestra Sofia, conducted by Levon Manukyan. The first piece was very interesting, as a version: Spring and Summer by Vivaldi, as the role of the solo violin was replaced by the two pianos. A bold and daring challenge to that famous piece , which the pianists and the orchestra accepted and performed with energy and mastery. The second joint event was extremely interesting for any audience Carnival of Animals of Saint-Saens. This master piece is one of the best examples for  interactions between the roles of solo accompaniment and  the composer. In addition to the wonderful interpretation of Donka and Nare, the role of the orchestra was remarkable- as an ensemble on the one hand, and on the other hand as a set of individuals with wonderful instrumental capabilities manifested in the famous solos of flute, clarinet, double bass, cello. The final result was an impressive "parade" of the animal world, presented with music, which brought  real pleasure to the audience. The concert itself continued with several solo performances of the piano duo. The two ladies really took off in the various plays by Piazzolla, Babajanyan, Harutyunyan, Deiniku and Vladigerov. The differences in style of works were performed with virtuoso technique and mastery of interpretation, which supported the pianists  to once again captured the hearts of the audience. That was wonderful end of the concert on the first day of autumn.    

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