October 18, 2020 - “Autumn Blessing”: concert of AGBU Sofia Chamber Orchestra

Apr 12, 2021

On October 18, AGBU Sofia Chamber Orchestra, under the direction of Levon Manukyan, delighted their audience with another concert, part of the autumn cycle. This time the orchestra 's performance was committed to a cause-support for the Armenians, victims of the military conflict in Artsakh / Nagorno-Karabakh /, and all voluntarily raised funds will be donated for help and empathy in this terrible war. The program that the conductor had chosen was characterized by emphasized expressiveness and strong emotional charge. It also contained works by the Armenian composers Glazunov and Piazzolla, which sounded in harmony with the key message of the concert. 

This time the "lead role" was shared between soloist and orchestra on an equal footing. The very first piece "Nocturne" by Eduard Bagdasarov revealed the rich sound palette and expressive abilities of the musicians from the chamber ensemble. The appearance of the soloist - Arsen Hadjian - saxophone followed. The audience recognizes him as one of the young, talented names of Armenia, a participant in the concert with AGBU Sofia Chamber Orchestra in 2013. Now the saxophonist, who arrived from France, has demonstrated a remarkable growth as an already mature musician, perfectly mastering his instrument. Arsen Hadjian and his Bulgarian colleagues performed together a Concerto for Saxophone and String Orchestra by Glazunov. This is a complex, multi-layered, symphonic-sounding piece, full with many challenges for both the soloist and the orchestra, which has an equally important role. The young saxophonist, on the other hand, was technically impeccable, showed great sound nuance and knowledge of the details in the interpretation, and the orchestra skillfully followed him and partnered with him in every respect. The overall performance was highly appreciated by the audience. With high empathy, Arsen Hadjian, contributed to the events in Artsakh while performing the famous play "Krunk" by Komitas - a truly emblematic work for all Armenians, that the saxophonist played emotionally and with great impact. The other impressive orchestral performance was the Piazzolla Tango. Typically in the style of the composer, in the rhythmic structure of the tango many beautiful melodic lines and interesting, author- specific means of expression are included. It was proven again that AGBU Sofia Chamber Orchestra is not only a great ensemble, but also a group of outstanding musicians. The series of solo parts of the concertmaster and group leaders were a great demonstration of their instrumental qualities and knowledge of the composer's style. The extreme moment of the concert was the famous Libertango by Piazzolla, with which the orchestra and Arsene Hadjian once again emotionally warmed up the atmosphere and put a proper end to the musical evening.   


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