November 29, 2020 - “Together for Armenia”: concert of AGBU Sofia Chamber Orchestra

Apr 12, 2021

On November 29, the of AGBU SOFIA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA friends had opportunity to enjoy the next online event of the ensemble. The concert consisted entirely of songs in hard rock and met- al music style. This time, the Armenian culture and spirit were strongly felt during in the event. That contribution was made by the conductor Levon Manukyan, who performed arrangements of System of a Down songs. System of a Down is a metal band – formed in 1994 in Los Angeles by four Armenians living in the United States. These are Serge Tankian, Darren Malakyan, John Dolmayan and Shavo Odadzhiyan.

Their style is not standard, it includes typical heavy metal, hard rock, and Armenian folk elements and typical rhythms. The songs` texts have strong social and political orientation, sometimes affecting religion while some of them are dedicated to Armenia. The band has a Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance. In the interpretation of the AGBU SOFIA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA and the soloist Sergei Vardevaryan, the songs of System of a Down and Serge Tankian were convincing- ly presented, with all the characteristic features of this music style. The young vocalist Sergey Varde- varyan, who is a guest of the orchestra for a second time, made great impression with his strong vocal and emotional presence and 100% distribution on the scene. At the end of the concert, a short video address was broadcasted by Serge Tankian himself and he expressed his gratitude for the realization of this interesting musical project.
Last, but not least, let me remind you that every concert of the AGBU SOFIA CHAMBER ORCHES- TRA until the end of the year continues to support the noble cause of empathy for the Armenians affected by the military conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh.

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