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October 11 – December 20, 2020 - Classes at AGBU Sofia Sunday School HayLer

Apr 12, 2021

In October, the new school year 2020-2021 started at AGBU Sofia HayLer Sunday School . 

At the beginning of this school year, one of the main topics was the war in Artsakh . The teachers introduced the children to various facts from the history of Artsakh . The children drew and colored various pictures with soldiers, in support of the heroes in Artsakh.

On one of the Sundays the children had the possibility to learn about two young and interesting Armenians. The first of one that they met  is Anush Sargsyan (Armenia), who is here following a curriculum for six months. She gave an interesting lecture on Sardarabat . After that, the little hailers met Arsene Hadjian (France), who was here as per  the invitation of AGBU Sofia, for a concert with AGBU Sofia Chamber Orchestra. The talented musician explained the children about his instrument, saxophone and played interesting Armenian works. 

In November, there was  a big charity bazaar organized with main purpose to  raise funds for families victims in Artsakh and small haylers participated actively with handmade souvenirs that were made with the help of teachers and young artist Sona Sargsyan, who studied at the Bulgarian Academy of Arts automotive design.

The children had different history lessons and learned interesting facts about both Yerevan and various landmarks in Armenia. Anush, Armine and Nina made a presentation about Geghard , Jermuk, Hndzoresk , Areni and Tatever . The children also had an online lesson with Arpine Tavakalyan , who is a teacher at AVC-college . In this lesson, she had the topic about traditional Armenian folk dances , Hazaros Agayan and his works - "The Chicken and the Bee" and " Anait ".

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