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March 1 - June 14, 2020 - School Year of the Sunday School AGBU Sofia HayLer

Apr 12, 2021

In 2020, the children from AGBU Sofia " HayLer " school had the opportunity to learn a lot about the Armenian language and culture.

During the first months of the year the trainings were lead with presence in person, but after March due to the epidemiological situation the trainings went online.

Throughout the year, teachers Nina Andrian , Armine Manukyan and Anush Kirakosyan taught various and interesting lessons on the subject Armenian language, using the online platform AVC - AGBU College . They introduced to the children great Armenian writers, poets, Armenian history and traditions.

Among the prominent Armenian writers that the children studied during these monthswere Hovhannes Tumanyan , Hovhannes Shiraz, Egishe Charents , Gazaros Aghayan . The children were occupied with the task to prepare online videos of recitals of works by the authors listed above, and the students had to make presentations about famous Armenians. One of the children had chosen to make a presentation about the founder of AGBU " Parekordzagan " - Bohos Nubar .

During these months, Sunday school teachers taught the children about the traditions of the Armenian holidays. One of the biggest holidays is the Resurrection of Christ / ZATIK / and the hailers learned what are the typical dishes that are served on this day at the festive table.

The young artist from Armenia, Sona Sargsyan, took part in the trainings every Sunday , teaching them painting and teaching them different techniques in art.

Many new children joined the Sunday school and  managed to quickly adapt and catch up with the material.

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