February 20, 2019 - Poetic Afternoon at the office of AGBU Sofia

Aug 19, 2021

AGBU Sofia ladies organized a gathering, dedicated to Sayat Nova, Vahan Terian and Paruir Sevak.

AGBU Sofia Ladies today’s gathering started with a minute of silence in memory of a noble person with a noble and sublime heart, who was one of the most famous devotees of our entire nation - the late Louise Manoogian Simone – former President of AGBU Central Board and lifelong benefactor who passed away on the 19-th of February. May Her soul rest in peace and Light!

Lilit Matevossian, AGBU Sofia Ladies Chairperson, and Karina Gevorgian, teacher of Armenian lan- guage for grown-ups, presented and explained in a beautiful way the life, the inspiration and poetry of such Armenian legends and poets as Sayat Nova, Vahan Terian and Paruir Sevak which wrote and got inspired by the theme of Love. Anahid Ajderian read the poetry of Sayat Nova translated in Bulgarian language by the late Hagop Melkoninan while Nara Vard played in a beautiful way a Sayat Nova com- posed song. All the present ladies enjoyed those special moments full of romance and love. On Behalf of AGBU Sofia Lilit and Garine received beautiful flowers!