February 24, 2019 - An open lesson of of the children of Armenian sunday school HayLer

Aug 19, 2021

On February 24, 2019 the students of the Armenian Sunday School – HayLer presented an open lesson to their parents.

The lesson was dedicated to the 150-th anniversary of the great Armenian poet and public figure Hov- hannes Tumanyan, called the Patriarch of the Armenian Poetry.

This lovely Armenian culture celebration was opened by Arno Kuiumdjian, Chairperson of Pare- kordzagan AGBU Sofia, who congratulated parents, teachers and students for Tumanyan’s anniversary and expressed gratitude to the teachers Anush Kirakosyan, Armine Manoukyan and Nina Andryan for the dedication to their students. The young students introduced Tumanyan’s life and poetry to their parents and guests.

Their recitations were warmly applauded by the audience, that were able to see the results of the efforts of the teachers and the students in learning Armenian language and culture.

A teacher from Yerevan AVC – Armenian Virtual College – Arpine Tavakalyan – joined the open lesson via online connection and via a virtual walk to the house and museum of Hovhannes Tumanyan presented his live and contributions.