March 31, 2019 - Concert of “AGBU SOFIA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA” – “The Soul of Armenia”

Aug 19, 2021

Along with the beginning of the spring came the first “AGBU SOFIA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA” concert for this year conducted by the maestro Levon Manukyan. This time all the musicians had the opportunity to perform in the beautiful ballroom hall at The Central military club.

The highlight of the concert was “The Soul on Armenia”, but definitely the star of the evening was the soloist, the young Eteri Hovhannisyan. The guest from Armenia presented no only the multi-layered soul of her home country, but also managed to demonstrate her versatile musical talent. Besides vir- tuoso performing on the traditional instrument tool canon, she appeared on the stage as a wonderful singer. The program’s agenda was definitely prevailed by the works of different generations Armenian artists. The musical instrument canon is not so well known to our audience, but Eteri Hovhannisyan re- vealed her incredible functions to a very big extent. Through the performance of the piece works Comi- tas and Avetisian, she demonstrated incredible technics, as well us thorough and delicate approach to the sounds coming out of the musical instrument. Storm of emotions were Hovanisyan’s performances of “Ekspromt” and of course of the emblematic “Krunk”.

AGBU SOFIA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA’S performance is considered to be on a very high level not only as an accompanying ensemble, but also as an impressive and influential one which was proved by the emotionally delivered performances of Babajanian’s and Comitas’ orchestra plays, arranged by the conductor Levon Manukuyan. The concert’s agenda itself was divided in two parts, as the second one was dedicated entirely to the vocal expression of Eteri Hovhannisyan. This part gave the opportunity to the young lady to show a completely different side of her talent a flexible and sensitive voice, very impressive musical feeling and stage presence. The singer was smoothly moving through different styles from Armenian folklore elements, through French chanson, American jazz and even country songs. And all this was done with charm and natural behavior. The peak of the evening was set by the very significant play again for canon and orchestra (Third part from the concert of Hovhannisyan), in which soloist and orchestra were partnering without any difficulties. The overall impression of every- one there after the end of the concert was that the beauty of the music reveals different sides from the rich, multi-layered and sensitive soul on Armenia.