April 21, 2019 - Concert of “AGBU SOFIA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA” – “European and Armenian Classic”

Aug 19, 2021

On 21-st of April , the day when the Armenian community in Bulgaria celebrates the Easter Sunday, AGBU SOFIA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA delivered their next spring concert under the conduction of Levon Manukyan. In addition to the kind musical gesture to the audience celebrating Easter, the concert was specially dedicated to the 150 years from the birth of Comitas – a remarkable figure in the history of Armenian musical culture, whose master pieces have found a special place in the repertoire of AGBU SOFIA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA.

Soloist of the program was Aude Reichart-Demirdzhibishian, soprano, France. She is a guest for the orchestra for a second time and succeeded to impressed the audience again with her wonderful perfor- mance skills. The concert was filled in with the wide spectrum of vocal-instrumental music from the baroque operas of Handel and Purcell and was accompanied by the precise style of the young soprano. Especially impressive were the three Comitas master pieces: “Krunk”, “Dele Yaman” and “Der Wo- horhmja” part of Armenian Liturgy, which the soloist sang in synch on piano, while revealing her voice range and emotional presence. The master pieces of the Italian Opera composers were also part of the program the arias by Verdi and Puccini sounded with their typical lyricity. Aude, spreading her charming presence on the scene, was also having and accompanying role in the AGBU SOFIA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA, brought a contrast in the program and performed several instrumental pieces, arranged by the conductor Levon Manukian. Special attention deserves “Horal” by Babajanian a modern sounding master piece devoted to the victims of the Armenian Genocide. Another line from the orchestra expression was the film music. Unforgettable ringtones from “Doctor Jiavago “, “Breakfast in Tiffany “and “Life is wonderful” inspirational mood and saturation emotion.

The end of the concert was set by the the last one master piece “Ave Maria” from Kacini with which the visitor from France and the orchestra greeted the audience, on the occassion of the upcoming bright festive days, always filled in with a lot of musical performances.