May 26, 2019 - Concert of AGBU SOFIA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA – “Believe in Spring”

Aug 19, 2021

In this wonderful spring evening, “AGBU SOFIA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA”, conducted by Maestro Levon Manukyan, performed another bright concert, entirely devoted to jazz. The jazz, with all its different faces, dominated the Central Military Club.

The main soloist role was entrusted to the famous Armenian soloists in this field. This was the second visit of the two famous musicians in Sofia and undoubtedly they confirmed the impression that each of their performances remains a permanent trace in the musical life and the consciousness of the audi- ence. Arakelian–Margaryan are jazz performers whose reputation is beyond the borders of their native Armenia. They are both remarkable musicians, each of them possess a wonderful instrument and uses its full potential, drawing extraordinary expression and sound nuances, especially in virtuoso improvi- sations.

Apart from “AGBU SOFIA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA”, partners of the Armenian guests were Alex Atanasov – bass guitar and Daniel Zhelev – percussions, who, with their outstanding solo presence, greatly added to the overall construction of the jazz and jazz plays. It was very impressive to hear in one evening the works of quite different musical styles refracted through the prism of jazz. Apart of the classical examples of Gordon, Brent, Chaplin and Legrand, the arrangements of works of famous Armenian authors – Komitas, Sayat Nova and others. The arrangements of these works were made by Nara Arakelian, this presentation being their world premiere. “Kele–Kele”, “Kamancha “ and other well known pieces of Armenians sounded very different and interesting, but in a completely new version.

А bright impression left the young trumpeter, still a student of the music school in Plovdiv, Garabed Kazazian, who played accompanied by the “AGBU SOFIA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA” the famous “Nocturne” by Babajanian. The talented performer interpreted the play with great emotion and with great sound.

The overall impression that the concert left was for a wonderful spring jazz performers evening, who presented their performances with great mastery and improvisation.