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June 6-7, 2019 - Stara Zagora Jazz Forum was held with the Military Big Band Stara Zagora, with conductor capt. Tsvetomir Vassilev, and the special participation of Yervand Margaryan, Armenia _ trumpet

Aug 19, 2021

Traditionally, the Jazz Forum Stara Zagora gathers a crowd of thousands of people and has established itself as one of the most anticipated events in the cultural calendar of the municipality.

Traditionally, the festival week covers the musical hosts of the Military Big Band Stara Zagora with conductor Cap. Tsvetomir Vassilev. Soloist guest at the Jazz Forum 2019 was Armenia’s great trumpet star Yervand Margaryan and the exclusive, Milica Gladdishka, Ventsi Blagoev, Tsvetomir Tsankov, Liliana Doycheva...

The jazz fest ended with Jem session until dawn during which all participants were happy Presenters with their Jazz skills.

On behalf of AGBU Sofia, we express our gratitude to trumpet player Ventsi Blagoev for organising the Jazz Forum each year and Stara Zagora Municipality for it’s support to this wonderful musical idea in the field of musical culture.

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