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In April, 2005 the youth section of Parekorzagan - Sofia carried out survey on the necessities of the Armenian community, which concluded that some 90% of the respondents consider their access to Armenian informational resources as scarce. There is rich reserve of Armenian literature, which is inaccessible because there is no specific premise where the books could be displayed.

Based on the survey results, emerges the idea for establishment of information database in the building of the Armenian culture centre, which could satisfy the needs not only of members of the Armenian community, but also for everyone interested on the subject. The establishment of such information center will not only offset the lack of library, but will also provide alternative modern ways for access to information audio and video materials, Internet, new periodicals.

Our desire is to ensure access to anyone interested to the necessary information related to the life and culture of the Armenians as well as to give opportunity for deeper acquaintance with the culture and traditions of the Armenian ethnos. We believe that such information would be used by the Armenian community, but also by Bulgarians such as journalists, students, writers, historians, ethnologists, philologists, etc. Namely that goal of Parekorzagan Sofia triggered the development of project, which ultimate goal is to preserve at single place and grant free access to informational resources for the life of the Armenians in Bulgarian and around the world.

At present Parekorzagan Sofia has available premise in the Armenian centre committed for the needs of the Armenian informational center, but the project is not implemented due to lack of financial resources.
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