April 24, 2018 - The Armenians in Sofia commemorated 103 years of the Genocide over the Armenian people
7:07, 24-04-2018

At the Erevan Garden in Sofia (behind the Ministry of Agriculture), Armenians and Bulgarians gathered together and commemorated the memory of the victims of the Genocide.

In the presence of all, the Archimandrite of all the Armenians in Bulgaria - Isahak Poghosyan - uttered the Our Father's prayer in memory of our victims, then together with Father Kusan Hadadavan blessed the present people.

The wonderful children from the Sunday AGBU Sofia Hayler" took participation in the 103th commemoration program, prepared by the Coordinating Council of Armenian Organizations in Sofia. As a sign of honor, they recited the poem "We Are Little, but We Are Armenian Called Armenians" by Baruir Sevag.

Homenatmans scouts also joined the program with a poem, and after that, the girls from Nairi dance group performed an Armenian dance with a lot of style and beauty.

In memory of the victims in front of the stone cross Hachkar wreaths from the Embassy of Armenia in Sofia and all the other organizations were laid. The children from Hayler laid a wreath on behalf of AGBU Sofia.

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