May 23, 2018 - "Run for Peace" - welcoming the runner Ara Khachadurian
10:00, 23-05-2018

On May 23, 2018, an exciting day in which we welcomed the runner Ara Hachaduryan.

From early dawn, Mr. Arno Kuiumdjian Parekordzagan / AGBU Sofia Chairman, Hrant Minasyan, as well as the youngsters from AGBU Sofia Hayler Sunday School - Gagik Mkrchian, Artavazd Yeranossian and Alexander Savov, accompanied by the camera-man, Harry Urpatyan travelled to Dragoman to meet the runner Ara Khachadurian and run together with him to Sofia, supporting his initiative "Run for Peace".

After an almost five-hour run, everyone successfully by stage reached to St. Alexander Nevski Square. In the center of Sofia where they were welcomed by Mrs. Sonia Avakyan Bedrossian, the honorary chairperson of Parekordzagan / AGBU Sofia, the lovely haute-couture designer Lilith Matevosian, who was dressed in a beautiful traditional Armenian dress, the great Armenian athlete Armen Nazarian, reporters from the Bulgarian National Television, the ladies from SOROPTIMIST and many other people who were happy to welcome Ara Khachaduryan here in Bulgaria. By old Bulgarian custom Ara was welcomed with traditional Bulgarian bread and salt.

After a short time for refreshment after the exhausting run, Ara Khachaduryan, together with the Sonia Avakian-Bedrosian and Arno Kuiumdjian were welcomed by His Excellency, the Ambassador of Republic of Lebanon in Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Toufic Jaber. The spirit and atmosphere during the meeting were extremely pleasant and friendly. Ara Khachaduryan presented the mission of Run for Peace and shared his experiences during his many initiatives like the climb of Everest, dedicated to the 100 years of the Armenian Genoside in the Ottoman Empire and his gratitude to the three countries he considers his Motherlands Armenia, Lebanon and France.

Later in the day, the alpinist was welcomed in the organization's office where he received many gifts and support for his initiative. He met many new and interesting people and told them about the mission of his marathon under the motto "Run for Peace". He runs every day for about five hours and passes about 42 kilometers, his starting point being in Marseille and final in Yerevan. His plan is to run for 106 days a distance of 4350 km through france, Monaco, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Georgia and Armenia. We also had the chance to hear about his adventures, about the many summits he has climbed, about the climb of the worlds highest summit Mount Everest .

After all the interesting stories, the evening continued with a wonderful dinner organized by the members of AGBU Sofia for the welcoming of Ara Khachadurian in Sofia and also to farewell our dear Archimandrite Isahak Poghosyan, who returns to Armenia.

With a lot of good mood, smiles and happy memories from this wonderful day, everyone present congratulated Ara Khachadurian on his cause and wished him success. On the next day, Arno Kuiumdjian, Mihran Maclaudian and Ventsislav Apostolov ran together with him and sent him to Vakarel.

We would like to thank to Stepan Sarkisyan for the wonderful cartoons he drew for our special guests, as well as to Harry Urpatyan for being part of this event, capturing this exciting experience.

Dear Hayr Surp! Let God keep you and lead you into your difficult task and see you again in Armenia or Bulgaria. God bless all of us!

We love you, Ara! We love you, Hayr Surp, and we will miss you!

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