June 28, 2018 - Aytac Araz Selcuks exhibition Memory of Achtamar
2:39, 28-06-2018

On June 28, 2018 in the presence of Armen Sargsian /Ambassador of Rep. Armenia in Rep. Bulgaria/, Academician Mikhail Stanchev, prominent guests and present in the beautiful hall of the Ethnographic Museum, Dr. Petko Hristov /director of the museum/, opened an interesting photo exhibition "Memories of Ahtamar" and gave the word to Sonia Avakyan Bedrossian /honorary chairman of Parekordzagan Sofia/ who briefly presented the authors of the exhibition: Julia Mutlu and Aytac Araz Selcuk (Turkey). Vartanush Topakbashian /editor-in-chief of Yerevan newspaper/ unofficially presented to the audience the recently re-published book by the author Vitka Nikolova ''Prophets of Bulgaria and Armenia: Theodor Trayanov and General Nazhdeh''.

The exhibition was strong and pleasantly impacting.

On behalf of the Chairman of AGBU Sofia, Mr. Arno Kuiumdjian and on behalf of AGBU Sofia, we express our gratitude to the authors of the exhibition Julia Mutlu and Aytac Araz Selcuk, to Dr. Petko Hristov, Assya Urpatyan and the whole team of the Ethnographic Museum for the incredible help and support in the arrangement of this beautiful photo exhibition. Special thanks to Lucia Medzikian /Head Assistant/ of AGBU Sofia for her constant support and dedication.

Van is a cosmopolitan city. At the moment, mostly Turks and Kurds live there. Many Assyrians, Jews, Yezids and Armenians lived there many years ago! By origin, Aytac Araz Selchuk is Kurd. He is a teacher and a photographer. He always had an idea to present the historical past of the Armenians who lived there and had left rich cultural heritage, monuments, churches and monasteries. His accidental acquaintance with the art of Julia Mutlu and the national Armenian costumes, depicting the different costumes from all areas of Western Armeni /today's Turkey/, in which the Armenians lived and worked and which she manufactured by hand to preserve Armenian historical memory, inspired Aytac Araz Selchuk and gave him the idea to put costumes from the Van region onto dummies, shoot them and present them to the general public, before all of these cultural monuments could be completely destroyed. Consequently, he is willing to present the cultural heritage to the other ethnicities that lived in the Van area.

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