July 24, 2018 - AGBU Sofia organized a meeting in the Armenian Cultural House with Vidka Nikolova - author of the book "Prophets of Bulgaria and Armenia - Teodor Trayanov and Gen. Karekin Nazdeh"
3:55, 24-07-2018

Arno Kuyumdjian /chairman of the organization/ kindly congratulated the guests and invited Vidka Nikolova to present and introduce to the audience details of the life and activity of the two friends, intellectuals and followers.

The meeting was interesting and impressive....!

AGBU Sofia thanked Vidka Nikolova for her work in compiling this book, wishing her to have the opportunity to present this valuable work in other cities in our country, so that more readers to be able to touch these truths and historical facts.

AGBU Sofia gave its special thanks to Mr. Karen Aleksanian (the founder of the "Yard of the Cyrillic" in Pliska) for the noble gesture ... for financing and printing this valuable book and keeping the memory of Theodor Trayanov and Gen. Karekin Nazhdeh alive!

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