November 1, 2018 - Visit of AGBU Sofia Sunday School "HayLer" at the base of Lufthansa Technik Sofia
2:09, 01-11-2018

On 01/11/2018 the children from AGBU Sofia Sunday School HayLer, together with their parents, under the direction of Elisa Bakardzhieva /chairperson of the AYA youth section at AGBU Sofia/, visited "Lufthansa Technik Sofia" - the largest aircraft repair base on the Balkan Peninsula. The children had the opportunity to visit the lines, where basic service procedures for narrow hull planes from the Airbus and Boeing family are performed, as well as the opportunity to ses some of the airplanes inside. Everyone was very impressed and happy. And finally, they received a gift - a small airplane with the airline company logo "Lufthansa" for a pleasant memory.

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