September 15-16, 2018 - ôOPEN DOORS OF THE ARMENIAN CULTUREö PART OF THE KvARTal / Festival
5:51, 15-09-2018

ôKvARTal / Festivalö is an initiative which purpose is the establishment of a cultural district in Sofia, following the example of a number of important European cities such as Krakow, Prague, Budapest, Rome and many others.

"Kvartal Festival 2018" changed Ó part of Old Sofia for the third time. 2018 is the "European Year of Cultural Heritage".

"Parekordzagan" / AGBU Sofia for a second consecutive year was part of this exciting experience - "KvARTal / Festival".

This year, we had the happiness to be at the center of the festival, as the very famous artist that had received a prize for contribution to the national culture - Stanimir Trifonov /Nasimo/ painted the turbot of the building where the office of AGBU Sofia is situated. His beautiful work was under the motto "Embrace" and we were all part of the wonderful initiative.

The doors of the organization were widely opened, the office and the yard were converted into a beautiful art gallery, where various works of art were arranged by Armenian and Bulgarian authors.

Visitors had the opportunity to explore it, have a look at interesting books related to the history, architecture, culture and spirit of the Armenian people and all the present had also the opportunity to taste Armenian sweets.

We would like to thank to the wonderful Armenian artists at AGBU Sofia: Gronika Kavafian - painting, Stepan Sarkisian - Illustrator, Lucia Medzikian - Graphic and Painting, Lilith Matevsian - fashion designer, who all presented their works in the field of graphics and painting and a personal collection of authentic Armenian costumes.

We would also like to thank to our Bulgarian friends: the Looneytools sculptors - the talented Chudomir Dragnev and the sculpture Svetlozar Lisichkov, the ceramist Zorina Milovska who have accepted our invitation this year to be a part of our open doors and who provided their incredible creations to the visitors.

We would like to thank to Mr. Georgi Dimitrov for his assistance in the organization of the event and the provided house yard space.

Two days filled with very pleasant emotions, smiles and a good mood, during which hundreds of visitors touched the culture of the Armenians.

AGBU Sofia would like to thank the organizers of the KvARTal / Festivalá for the invitation and the opportunity to be a worthy participant in the project "European Year of Cultural Heritage" 2018!

Dear friends, till new meetings!

AGBU Sofia

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