October 26, 2018 Presenting the book "Ardavazdes and "Cleopatra"
5:54, 26-10-2018

The Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Republic of Bulgaria and AGBU Sofia presented the author Hovannes Nerzethyan (Armenia) and his book "Ardavazd and Cleopatra" to the Armenian community at "Krikor Azarian" Hall at the Armenian Cultural House in Sofia. AGBU Sofia expresses special thanks to His Excellency Mr. Armen Sargsyan /Ambassador of Republic of Armenia in Republic of Bulgaria/ for his welcome speech, to Mrs. Vartanoush Topakbashihan /editor of the Erevan newspaper/ for her translation, to Gronika Kavafian and Lucia Medzikian for their help and to Mary Kanalian for the photos. Special thanks to Mrs. Snezhana Todorova /President of the Union of the Bulgarian Journalists/, to Mr. Boil Banov /Minister of the Culture in Bulgaria/ for the beautiful flowers and his good wishes, as well as to Mrs. Avgustina Daskalova /Council to the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in the Republic of Armenia/, to Mrs. Rumi Kostova /representative of the Bulgarian Army Theater/.

Mrs. Sonia Avakyan - Bedrosian / Honorary Chairperson of AGBU Sofia/ presented the work, which is based on historical facts from the period before and after the New Age. In his book, the author Hovanes Nerzethyan points out that the time has come for a change in our thinking ... The tragedy "Artavazd and Cleopatra" opens a new page in the world literature. The author has managed to present the human tragedy in a way that is unattended by time. Nerzethyans work deeply penetrates the subject of human existence. Reading "Artavad and Cleopatra" is a spiritual experience, not just an introduction to the events of the past, but something more important: the general nature of ancient and modern events, the understanding of the stubbornness in Blindsmanship as the axis of tragedy of all times. This is the message behind the literary works of H. Nerzethyan, which are timely and endless.

In this era of mercantile approaches, H. Nerethyan emphasizes the values that are permanent and eternal: those to which mankind will return in the future ages.

But we can smile and talk.
Remember old times,
Vouch the present and betray the future,
Forging the principles to swords
In order to fragment the country
While preaching goodness
So as to make the victim be ashamed of virtue
And like a sad exile,
Admix horror to heart, and hope to feet,
In order to adjust the expectations
To future happenings
So as again to welcome
The tidings of despair.

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