December 4, 2018 - Lecture "A glimpse at Iran", presented by the poet and philosopher Nabi Masumi
8:19, 04-12-2018

An interesting meeting at Photo Synthesis Gallery in Sofia took place - a lecture "A Look at Iran", which was presented by the poet and philosopher Nabi Masumi, who told very interesting facts about the history, poetry and spirituality in the past and present of Iran. Mrs. Sonia Avakian-Bedrossian /Honorary Chairperson of AGBU Sofia/, Lilith Matevosian /chairperson of the Women's Club of AGBU/, members of AGBU Sofia and an audience got acquainted with the interesting old history of Iran and the presence of Jesus Christ in the Iranian poetry.

They also enjoyed wonderful Iranian melodies performed by the magnificent Rosalia Daskalova. A very interesting December meeting with Iran, Nabi and friends in the cozy and pleasant gallery Photo Synthesis... Thank you, dear friend!

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