March 8, 2019 - Open Doors: "Female beginning"
6:12, 08-03-2019

On March 8, according to the proposed initiative by the Armenian artist Gronika Kavafian , member of the Management Board of " Parekordzagan " / AGBU Sofia , a first 2019 meeting on the Open Doors Day project was held. The program on this day was dedicated to women, beauty and creativity.

The day started with delicious Armenian coffee and the lovely Mrs. Catherine Lambovska that told interesting stories and showed how to make various things from yarn. Then an inspiring conversation about fashion theme with the stylist Maryam Coachman was provoked, who delivered a lecture on "The consumer thinking and change we can begin our closet." The guests had the pleasure to see live designs of their clothes that were related to the theme "New life for old clothes".

After a short break, the guests tasted the delicious Armenian delights, made with lots of love by Eddy's Bakery.

In the early afternoon, one of the guest at the Open Day was Mrs. Puzzah Dimitrova, who held a talk on how to be healthy and to live in harmony with essential oils Dottera. Everyone had the opportunity to experience the aroma of over 15 exotic oils and got many useful tips for their unique therapeutic properties.

On the day of the women's beginning was invited the professional gypsy painter Albena Petkova, who made a demonstration how to put makeup in the right way. Albena told us about the different trends, colors and techniques in the Makeup art. Also he managed to show us that makeup is undoubtedly about to be beautiful, to feel confident in your skin, but also to challenge, experimentation, creativity and flexibility. All the participants felt the makeup magic - a world of countless opportunities.

The surprise of the day was the arrival of the special guest of AGBU Sofia -, the very well known journalist Anton Hekimiyan . All the ladies were delighted and impressed by the presence of the famous and beloved Armenian journalist who personally congratulated the ladies at the office and gave a red rose to each one of them.

As a sign of gratitude for the new friendship, the honorary chairwoman of AGBU Sofia Mrs. Sonia Avakyan - Bedrosian gave Mr. Hekimiyan a book " One Tour of Armenia with a bicycle " by Rafi Yurjejjan and wished him to have the opportunity to visit the beautiful Armenia one day. In addition to this Lucia Medzikian ( artist and assistant at AGBU Sofia ) , gave him one of his paintings with a pomegranate and wished him this symbol to bring him fertility, abundance and generosity .

AGBU Sofia thanked everyone who was part of this wonderful day dedicated to the woman!

Until the next meeting!


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