April 21, 2019 - Easter celebration at AGBU Sofia Sunday School "HayLer"
4:02, 21-04-2019

On April 21st the children from Sunday School AGBU Sofia HayLer delivered to the parents and members of AGBU Sofia a Easter celebration.

The wonderful teachers Nina, Anush and Armine had prepared a traditional Armenian Easter table typical for welcoming Easter in Armenia. The children from HayLer in turn performed interesting Armenian dances, recited poems and then talked about the Armenian Easter customs.

At the end of the program, the Honorary Chairperson of AGBU Sofia - Mrs. Sonia Avakian - Bedrossian, congratulated the teachers for the wonderful program, the children for their efforts and thanked to the parents for their confidence in AGBU Sofia HayLer, for taking care of them to give these children a brighter future preserving the holy Armenian identity.

The celebration passed with a lot of mood, excitement and laughter, with a wish for bright holidays and health.

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