July 1, 2019 - Opening of the exhibition "Armenia and Bulgaria, colors and shapes"
5:11, 01-07-2019

On July 1, 2019, an exclusive cultural event, organized by AGBU Sofia "Parekordzagan", took place under the patronage and with the financial support granted by the Ministry of Culture. The exhibition was opened at the Art Gallery of the National Palace of Culture, where famous artists representing various creative styles and genres united by the idea of partnership and sharing took part in it.

The creative focus of the exhibition was to bring to the attention of the audience the art of a number of artists coming from Armenia and Bulgaria. The exhibition showed the audience authors who dedicated themselves, their spirit and their sources of inspiration to the art.

Armenia and Bulgaria touch in a variety of aspects, approaching history, worldview, striving for development, modernization, but it is also interesting to see the differences that we can easily recognize in the works of the authors.

Such spiritual meetings are extremely inspiring and enriching and boost our development.

Among the artists that were represented in the exhibition were the Armenian masters of painting Gagik Kazanjyan, Gore Avesyan, Hasmic Avessyan, Hrant Mirzoyan, Hachik Abrahamyan, Ruben Adalyan, Jura Harutunyan, Arthur Sambatyan, Armen Dermendjiyan, Agassi Talalyan, Shahn Aslanyan, Anna Sohomonyan, Martin Petrosyan, David Dawthyan, Andrei Shugarov, Artabaz Talaliyan, Gagik Khatcharyan.

Their Bulgarian counterparts Georgi Chapkanov - Chapa, Onnik Karanfilian, Armenag Mardysyian, Arshak Nersiyan, Vergini Markarova, Garo

Muradyan, Georgi Andonov, Gronika Kavafyan, Evelina Peneva, Lucia Medzikyan, Nina Karanflyan, Harry Arabyan, Heni Agopyan, Chudomir Dragnev.

The exhibition was opened by the President of AGBU Sofia "Parekordzagan" Mr. Arno Kuyumdzhiyan, giving special thanks to the artists and members of AGBU Sofia Lucia Medzikyan and Gronika Kavafyan for the efforts made to make the exhibition and the honorary chairman of the organization Sonia Awakyan - Bedrosian for the cooperation and communication with artists from Armenia.

After that, we had the pleasure to have the arthistorian Olympia Nikolova among us who presented the event.

Among the official guests were his Excellency Armen Sargsyan, Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia in the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Hachik Abrahamyan - President of the World Center of Armenian Artists, Honorary Guest Professor Georgi Chapkanov and Theodosii Spassov the magician of the kaval, who greeted the guests with his virtuoso music.

Thank you friends!

Special thanks to photographers:

Nikola Barbov, Marie Kunalyan and Antonio Georgiev - Hadzhichristov

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