May 26, 2019 Completion of Sunday school AGBU Sofia HayLer
2:58, 26-05-2019

On May 26th, 2019, the school year at AGBU Sofia "Hayler" Sunday School nded. The children held the regular classes at studying Armenian language, and have had fun with interesting games after the school classes .

A special surprise guest for the small heaters was Mikael Margaryan from Armenia, age 13, who is a future chess player. On this occasion a Chess Tournament was held between the children of HayLer.

We thank the teachers of AGBU Sofia HayLer Sunday school Armine Manukyan, Anush Kirakosyan and Nina Andryan for their efforts and devotion to preserve the Armenian culture and traditions alive.

Dear Haylers, now its time to look forward to HayLer summer camp and all the wonderful studies and games which will be waiting for you there.

Looking forward to the next school year in October!

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